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Welcome to Augustus

Saladin Moir / Oct 29, 2017
City of Augustus formed around our Religion and Virtori Knight's culture, festivals, Jousting, Combat Training, Schools, Guilds, Adventuring & Dungeon exploring, Quests, Role playing, PVE and PVP and more. All sorts of crafting and merchants needed to keep our city thriving in our community.

We are currently recruiting for all positions.

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Citizens of Augustus

Count Saladin Moir & Countess Janaya Moir our settlement nestled within The Stormlands in the Kingdom of Vornair. Our Countries focus will be one of border lands and protectors of the Stormlands.

Saladin Moir Stormwind School of Military Arts(updating more information)

  • Bounty Hunters

  • Gladiators

  • Caravan Guards

  • Explorers and Cartographers

  • Bards and Skalds

  • Scouts and Spys

Building Training Grounds, Gladiator and Jousting arena

High Justice Grendahl Moir Knights of Augustus

Building a Cathedral for the Knights of Virtori within Augustus

Master Blacksmith (aka Xfactor) of The Forge Bound Association within Augustus.

Countess Janaya Moir Knight of Augustus and owner of our local Tavern

Treasurer of Augustus

Master Architect Magnus Moir of B.A.S.E. Brotherhood of Architectonics and Structural
Focusing on Siege equipment and Military structures and defenses, will dedicate a school to B.A.S.E and our pursuit of discovery.

Our County will be one of Adventure, Medieval celebrations, Festivals and Tournament, Even for those not into the combat we'll have a place for you within Augustus. Crafter's, Shop Keepers, Merchants, Skilled entertainers, all will be needed within our county.

Merchant bazaar structures and tents

Within the Stormlands, in the kingdom of Vornair, looking for Grasslands (would want to have mountain & Forest lands surrounding our location) Maybe a valley that enters into our settlement allowing for Merchants, Traders and travelers upon entering the Stormlands.

These are the tribes we are hoping to get first
Neran (this tribe fits our focus)
Waerd (this might change our concept if this tribe is picked)

So if you enjoy an Renaissance festival feel to a settlement please join us in Augustus
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