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Stormwinds School of Military Arts

Description: Stormwind shall gather the best warriors and become the guardians of the Stormlands. Will practice in group combat and solo combat so our warriors shall be trained for any fight that comes before them.

Skills: Weaponry (Melee, Ranged and unarmed combat), armory, horseback riding, Skills and abilities. Will be able to survive in any situation
Training: Building Training Grounds, Gladiator and Jousting arena, will look at all available opportunities to make our warriors better than anyone else.

What are you interested in?

Looking for a County with strong focused on Combat?
Looking for someone with the same game styles as you?
Looking to join organization to make friends?
looking to be part of a Renaissance festival feel to a settlement?
Looking for a Roleplaying option?

Look no further Augustus is the place for you, we are looking for the warriors of the realms to join us in the battle for the kingdoms.

Looking to adventure and seek fortune?
Looking to track down criminals and seek payment?
Looking to live the life as a knight?
Looking to test your abilities in the arena?

Augustus will provide all these opportunities for you to live out these game style.

Looking to become more in the community?
Looking to take on more responsibilities?

Augustus will help you with these goals

Fighting with us against any threat to the Stormlands and our Kingdom.

I want Augustus to be know for it's warriors throughout the realms, and when we are seen on the battle field others will fear us.

When anything is happening I want our warriors to be called upon first to defend our lands.

Our reputation should reach across all of Elyria.
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